welcome to my site.
about Me: I graduated in the Netherlands at the AKI, Art institute of visual arts 2012 in the major of Photography and Media Art. In 2011 I went on exchange to Boston Massart, where I attended the graduating class of Matt Connors, next to the courses Of Sam Contis Photobook and Home picture class or the 20x24inch Polaroidclass By Y.Kaytaro. After that I went to the ECAL in Lausanne for a Master in Art direction

about My work: It deals with the question : Where lies the line in between true reality and a false opposed media-influenced Utopia?

"A borowed camera and a borowed eye
from my grandfather lent me sight
men are players with hidden faces that never lie
the world is the stage exposed into light"

contact: annakrieps@gmail.com
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